Monday, August 16, 2010

Build your Platform so they come

Generally when we discuss a “Platform” we are discussing book publishing. However, it dawned on me that it can have just as much value for “just” a business as for a book! So, let’s look at what it means to develop your platform and why you would want to do it.

Although my book, Just Jump, has been out for a couple of years, I am always looking at new ways to promote it. It really has helped change lives, which I’m extremely proud of, so I want to continue to spread the word, and expand into new audiences.

And, I DO plan to write the sequel (for ‘service professionals’) one day.
I share this because I’ve been listening to a lot of audio programs all around book writing and promoting, etc, and a constant term that keeps popping up is building a platform for the book. And, just as a side-note, apparently the key to getting an agent is to already HAVE a platform!

So why not start now??

Build the platform and they will come
Many times professionals think that if they build a website or blog or rent an office and run an ad, that people will start swamping to them. I don’t need to tell YOU that this just isn’t the case! However, once you’ve built that PLATFORM, they DO come!

But what the heck is a platform!? Is it like the stage an act will perform on? Is it for loading/unloading goods?

You can consider your platform your stage and where you will unload your goods/services from, actually. It’s the whole package of who you are to the world.

It’s the combination of attending networking events, offering workshops, presentations, creating your website and blog, it’s showing up on all the social networking sites. It’s writing articles for both online and local venues.

It’s showing up EVERYWHERE!

I like to say that the big sign that you’ve made it is when someone you have never met and you didn’t think knew you says, “Oh yea, I know who you are”. Or, I love the one where someone local says, “You are EVERYWHERE!” YES!

That’s your platform.

One of the speakers I listened to last week talked about being short on the New York best sellers list by ONE POINT! She said she had done EVERYTHING. Except one thing: She was not posting on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Would it have made the difference? Probably.

Now, what is YOUR platform?
What are you NOT doing right now that you’ve been thinking you really should? What can you do to change that?

Marjorie Geiser, MBA, RD, NSCA-CPT
MEG Enterprises