Sunday, March 13, 2011

SCAN symposium gathers champions

This year at the SCAN symposium in Chicago I noticed a few new things about the professionals surrounding me:

1. The traditional dietitian is becoming increasingly diverse and specialized, which shows that adaptability is a valuable skill set for all nutrition professionals. Whether it be working for the US military or a high school soccer coach there is no telling where your career may lead you.

2. As much as I enjoy the larger FNCE meeting, this trip in particular I was very motivated to connect in a different way. I spent time talking to interested SCAN'ers at the Member Cafe who signed up for volunteering opportunities and shared stories of their journeys to the present. I walked away feeling more inspired and positive about the association that we all share with SCAN.

3. In Louise Burke's presentation she ended with the thought that "we have gone where the research has led us, we should be asking the questions first and then going out to do the research". Who better to come up with those hypothesis than the dietitians working with patients, athletes and community members? It's an empowering message and this audience in particular is primed to lead research of this kind into action.

4. Lastly, it was refreshing to be in easy to navigate, peaceful enviroment. From the silent auction to the healthy snacking sponsored breaks to morning exercises, I appreciated that thought was put into how attendees were feeling as well as learning.

Thank you to the SCAN Symposium committee members for creating a wonderful meeting!