Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tech tools to expand services & increase visibility

Denice Ferko-Adams, a SCAN member, was recognized for her Dynamic Initiative in Dietetics Practice and Education display at FNCE 2011 in San Diego. Her topic was "Tech Tools to Expand Services & Increase Validity."

Here is Denice's abstract:

Tech Tools to Expand Services & Increase Validity

We all lead busy lives. Using technology to stay in touch with clients can improve eating and exercise compliance and create new business opportunities. Denice Ferko-Adams, president of Wellness Press, will review the evidence behind keeping food records and demonstrate ways that technology can be used to enhance effectiveness of nutrition services. Participants will see examples of ways to use an interactive software tool, MealLogger: clients use their phones to take photos of meals and interact online with their dietitian. The service is being used by hospitals, universities, corporate wellness service providers, fitness clubs and individual dietitians both in the US and in Europe. Select case studies will be reviewed. See how technology can change how you provide nutrition counseling services, track data to show outcomes, and expand ways to generate new revenue for your business.

Congratulations to Denice. Has anyone who reads this blog used Meallogger or a similar tool? If so, feel free to post your experiences or questions. Best, Marie

Marie Dunford, PhD, RD

SCAN's Volunteer Web Editor