Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Quick & Dirty on Detox Dieting

With 2012 upon us many of our clients (or ourselves) are looking for a quick fix to rid our insides of the indulgences of the past holiday season.
Traditional ‘detox’ diets base their programs on little food intake.  Staples include foods with high water contents: cucumbers, fruit, juices, and teas.
By increasing the volume of fluid in the body, detox diets claim that this cleanses the body of toxins to enhance the body’s metabolic/calorie burning rate.
Its important to explain to your clients that any initial weight loss is water and the body’s protein/muscle stores.  In addition to the increase of body fat when weight gain resumes, protein breakdown also creates toxins which need to be filtered by the kidneys.  Any rebound weight gain comes back as fat and the body ends up with a slower metabolism. 
Some programs such as The Crazy, Sexy, Diet combine a traditional detoxing juice cleanse with laxative and enema use which disrupts the body’s natural bacteria that are located in the colon while other programs are gluten-free.
Its imperative to utilize a client’s New Year’s Resolution energy to set their goals for the upcoming months.