Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fat Fighting Cola?

Fiber has been showing up everywhere.  Dextrin, a dietary fiber commonly found in fiber supplements, has made its way into Pepsi Special which is currently in Japan.

CNN reports:  "...the drink acts by 'suppressing the absorption of fat' and can inhibit the rise in triglycerides after a meal, making it, potentially, the first 'healthy' soda."

A 2006 study in Tokyo showed Dextrin blocked fat absorption in rats...but not in humans.

In addition, "Studies of humans ingesting dextrin suggest short-term risks including stomach pain, gas, and bloating," says Lilian Cheung, editorial director of Nutrition Source, the Harvard School of Public Health's nutrition website. 

The beverage hasn't hit the U.S. supermarkets yet and would face many challenges with the USDA.

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