Thursday, December 20, 2012

Farewell to 2012, Fun Fad Diets Courtesy of ABC News

Every year has a new diet or (20) to follow.  Does anyone remember the sad part of the last decade when no one ate bread?  Oh, wait, we're all gluten-free again.

Here is 2012's round up:

hCG diet: inject yourself with this pregnancy hormone and eat 500 Calories a day (roughly the equivalent of a Big and Tasty from McDonalds).

Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition diet: Why eat food when you can just have a feeding tube?  Clinical dietitians take note!

Sensa: Shake a little on your Krispy Kreme and the pounds just fall off...

Baby Food Diet: Eat about 10-14 jars of baby food...

Gluten-Free:  Celebrities, 'nutritionists', and a few famous doctors touted cutting out bread, pasta, and their contemporaries...

Raspberry Ketones: These little beauties promoted by Dr. Oz for their fat burning properties, they also pushed a healthy diet and exercise.  What really worked?

What are some of your favorite fad diets?  Thoughts on what might be big in 2013?

Don't forget your kale juice!

From ABC news:

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