Thursday, November 7, 2013

News Bite: Back That Up: A Big Butt = A Big Brain?

Kim Kardashian might not come off as a Rhodes scholar but bigger backsides have health benefits in women.  A big butt is a healthy butt.  According to researchers at the University of Oxford, ladies with larger backsides have higher intelligence and are less likely to suffer from chronic illnesses.

In addition, from a segment on ABC News discussed that a pear shape physique metabolizes sugar better which decreases chances of diabetes or cardiovascular disease.  Also, there is an excess of Omega 3 fatty acids which improve brain development and also children born to mothers with a curvy physique have been known to have higher IQs.

Furthermore, abdominal fat is still dangerous as it is metabolically active.  Lower body fat releases fewer cytokines (proteins that act as messengers in the body) than abdominal fat.  Also, abdominal fat is still linked with higher incidences of heart disease.

Overall, maintaining a healthy weight is the proper way to stay healthy.

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