Monday, June 2, 2014

SCAN Presenter Interview: Dr. Steve Hertzler

The 30th annual SCAN Symposium is quickly approaching! Why should an RD be interested in attending? What will they get out of it? Cutting edge sports nutrition information is one thought to consider. See what presenter, Dr. Steve Hertzler, has to say about his session: The Paleo Diet: From Stone Age to Today’s Athletes.

What topic will you be presenting about at the SCAN symposium this June?
I will be presenting the “Development and Implementation of a Sports Performance Team in a Division 1 University Setting.”  One of my colleagues, Amy Morgan, who is the coordinator for the Exercise Science Program at BGSU and specializes in body composition measurements, will be presenting with me.  We have been involved in the development of a Sports Performance Team at BGSU, which utilizes the services of various professionals on campus.  It began in the fall of 2010 and continues to grow.  It is exciting to work with exercise physiologists, strength and conditioning coaches, sports psychologists, and other professionals to help the athletes compete at a higher level.  The athletes have been great to work with and seem to be open to the information we are providing.  One of the challenges is having regular meetings with the coaches to get them to better understand what all we have to offer as well as the message we are sending to the athletes.

Why do you feel it is essential for sports dietitians to hear the information in your presentation? 
We will be discussing strategies for dietitians who would like to get more involved with sports teams in their area as well as provide some ideas for protocols for sports dietitians who are already working with sports teams at the university level.  From a nutrition standpoint, the Nutrition Coaches, along with dietetic interns, have created many resources for the athletes, including newsletters, brochures, grocery store tours, dining hall tours, and Twitter posts on good refueling ideas in the dining halls.  This session will be a great opportunity for all to share best practices in their schools or universities. 

Can other health professionals who are not dietitians benefit from the information? If so, who?
Amy Morgan, will be presenting with me and she has a lot to offer on body composition as well as exercise physiology support services that her department has provided to athletics.  We are really emphasizing a team approach in order to promote the health and optimal performance of the athletes at BGSU. 

Overall, what is the number one reason you think dietitians should attend SCAN symposium?
Over the years, of all the conferences I have attended, I believe SCAN offers the most useful, practical, science-based information for health professionals.  By empowering people to take control of their lives through health and wellness initiatives, we, as the nutrition experts, help to promote longer and healthier years of living.  What better job is there?

Carrie Hamady is a registered dietitian and is licensed in the state of Ohio.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Community/Medical Dietetics from Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI.  She then attended Slippery Rock University (SRU) in Slippery Rock, PA for graduate school and earned a Masters in Health Promotion with a minor in Exercise Physiology.  This began her work and research with college athletes through her duties at the Sports Nutrition Education Resource Center at SRU.  After leaving SRU, Carrie worked as a clinical dietitian for the majority of her career.  She is currently a full-time instructor at BGSU as well as the Director of the Undergraduate Dietetics Program.  She teaches clinical classes, sports nutrition, and seminar classes for freshmen and senior students.  She is also working on her doctorate in Leadership Studies at BGSU.  Her research interests are in sports nutrition, technology integration in dietetics education, and the use of programmatic learning outcome e-portfolios. Carrie is one of the Nutrition Coaches for BGSU Athletics.  She works with teams and individual athletes at BGSU with a recent focus on low ferritin and vitamin D levels in female runners. 

Join your fellow nutrition professionals at the 30th Annual SCAN Symposium from June 27-29, 2014 at the Sawmill Creek Resort in Huron, Ohio.