Monday, January 4, 2016

Can Waiting on the Bread Basket Keep Blood Sugars Lower?

We’re frequently told or tell clients to ditch the bread basket, especially people who have diabetes, but research published in Diabetes Care shows that moving the bread basket treat from the beginning of the meal to the end can reduce the increase in blood sugar while also reducing your appetite in the process.
National Public Radio’s The Salt initially reported on the study. 

David Ludwig, director of the Optimal Weight for Life Clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital reported to NPR, “The worst situation is having refined carbohydrates on an empty stomach, because there's nothing to slow down the digestion of that carbohydrate into sugar.”

The researchers looked at the order of how food is consumed and studied 6 women and 5 men with Type II Diabetes (who were treated with the drug Metformin).  The subjects had grilled chicken, steamed vegetables and a salad with vinaigrette.  They did start their meal with a roll from Au Bon Pain.  On another day, the orders were reversed with the bread served last.  

Participants’ peak blood sugar was 30 percent lower when the bread was consumed at the end of the meal.  This is important for people with diabetes who may be able to use less insulin. 

Read the article from NPR here: