Monday, April 25, 2016

The Latest Nutrition and Health Podcasts You're Missing

Keeping up on nutrition as a student or working professional can be daunting.  We might start with the best intentions to read scholarly/peer reviewed articles but there's nothing better than conversation and research on the go.  Here is a round up of nutrition and lifestyle podcasts to keep you up to date.

Monica Reinagel answers questions about food and nutrition in snappy segments less than 10 minutes each.

Nia is a personal trainer with a positive attitude about empowerment, fitness, and nutrition.  Her podcasts focus on these topics while interviewing industry professionals from other trainers, health coaches, and dietitians.

This show focuses on food relationships, nutrition in the news/trends, and also health at every size.

Ben Greenfield gives sane advice regarding fitness and proper training.  His short segments provide useful information from getting started to competitive athletes.