Thursday, February 23, 2017

SCAN Symposium 2017: A Play by Play: Helping Youth Athletes Put a Sports Nutrition Plan into Practice

Youth athletes today face incredible demands to succeed, not only from coaches, trainers and peers but also from parents. For many developing athletes, putting the sports training plan together is the easy part; it is putting the plan into practice that is the challenge. Between school, work, homework, practice, training, competitions, social engagements and family obligations, figuring out how to eat right can be a challenge. This presentation will begin with a review the physical, physiological, and psychological development of the adolescent  athlete, including how the developing teenage brain and body impacts their thoughts, actions and motivations. It will also review the extraordinary nutritional needs and social challenges that must be considered when putting a sports nutrition plan into place. The presentation will then dive discuss some of the common obstacles that prevent youth athletes and their families from putting the sports nutrition plan into practice, then provide practical pointers and guidance for helping to overcome those barriers. 

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