Thursday, October 28, 2010

Playing a bigger game in business

What do you want to accomplish in 2011 for yourself and your business? Do you have your plan together for how you're going to do this? Here are three tips to help you make that happen.

1. Invest. You've heard the idea that in order to really succeed, you need to spend some money. I know RDs are VERY fearful of doing such a thing. However, when you fear investing in yourself, and keep thinking small, you get small. So, invest in what's necessary to take you to the level you feel you need to go. This can be consultants or coaches. Imagine if you were to invest in such a way that it took your breath away. If you were to invest THAT grandly, do you think you'd step up to play that higher game? Oh, you bet you would!

2. Push. We often create our own stories in our head. You've heard them, "I can't do THAT!" and "THAT" could be anything, from calling former clients to offer them a new program you have available, standing your ground during negotiations for what you KNOW you're worth, or even (heavens!) asking a potential client who just called you to hire you! Granted, you need to know HOW to do these things. See #1.

3. Believe. You have to believe that you can accomplish anything you can imagine doing. That really is the base for being able to do #1 or #2. If you believe you have the talent and expertise and can change people's lives, then it's just a matter of putting the systems in place to make it happen AND enjoy being paid for your worth.

What will your 2011 look like? Mine is shaping up to be INCREDIBLE!I have just challenged MYself to step up and play a VERY big game. And I am in the process of re-vamping all of my services in order to help my clients do the same.

We're all about changing lives, right? How many lives would YOU like to change in the upcoming year? You can't do that if you're sitting in your home office afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

It's been my pleasure to guest blog on SCAN's site. I thank all of you for your readership and comments. I invite you to come visit my site and blog and even let me see if I can help YOU play a bigger game!

And, if you're coming to FNCE, make sure to hunt me down and say hi!

Marjorie Geiser, MBA, RD, NSCA-CPT
MEG Enterprises, Inc.