Sunday, November 7, 2010

A warm welcome at the Boston Convention Center

It may be a cold November day in Boston but inside the convention center I am welcomed by warm smiles and friendly people. This is my 8th trip to FNCE but I still get butterflies walking up to the registration table and getting my badge. Once I have my bag and book I peer down onto the Expo floor to see the maze of booths. Some names I recognize and look forward to visiting because I know there will be new ideas, hands to shake and friend to make.

Being in the midst of a large crowd can be somewhat intimidating, that is why I am so glad that I can connect on a smaller level with my SCAN friends at their events. I am especially excited to attend the reception tonight and shake the hands of those executive members who work so hard to connect with their fellow members and bring value to their time at FNCE.

Right now I am headed to my first session and then a stroll down on the Expo floor. Looks like it is going to be a full day!