Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tech Minute: Bracelets and Gadgets Galore

Forget the pedometer or apps on your phone to just track your latest run, the latest tools in health are making fashion statements and are a bit more attached to you (for the best results).

This past May, Jawbone purchased BodyMedia (creators of the Fit Link, a sensor that logs different metrics—steps, etc. to determine the body’s Calorie output).
Jawbone improved its software platform, basically for the non-geeks, to ‘communicate’ with other programs such as the MyFitnessPal app on your phone or computer. You can also set it to vibrate every so often to alert you to get moving (great for those of us at a desk job all day).

Fitbit has been featured in Men’s Health, The Wall Street Journal,  and NPR to name a few, it takes the addictiveness of social media combined with a tracking device and you receive different badges as you reach fitness goals, additional products from   the Fitbit family include wrist/hip trackers, the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale and Smart phone apps for your Apple or Android products.

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