Saturday, July 6, 2013

Blogger RDs Share Their Passions & Advice: Part Two

This is a series of dietitians who have created their own brands using social media and blogs.  Here is the second installment and interview with Rebecca Turner, author and owner of the website, Runner's Fuel. 

The following is from Rebecca's website. 

As a registered dietitian and certified specialist in sports dietetics (CSSD) with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Rebecca recognizes that taking on a mission as ambitious as reversing obesity in the south is a marathon, not a sprint. Since graduating the University of Southern Mississippi with both a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in nutrition and food systems, she has extended nutrition education beyond the plate and into the community so that specific needs can be addressed.
As the founder of Runner’s FUEL, she aims to inform and motivate competitive and recreational runners of all ages and fitness levels with creditable and practical nutritional information. Her ambition is to sort fact from fiction and provide a common-sense approach to eating and running well. 

1. When I started Runner's FUEL my main mission (and still is) to educate runners of all fitness levels with creditable yet practical nutrition information. Creating a blog and a social media presence was my first step since it was an inexpensive way to communicate with like minded people.
2. With an online platform I have been able to reach runners from all across the world! Many consulting and other media opportunities have stemmed from online connections. You never know who is reading, following, or re-tweeting your messages.
3. My advice for anyone starting a blog is to find a "ninch" and stick with it. Also be transparent and vulnerable to let people get to know the real person behind the keyboard. Most dietitians can relate to many ordinary people with the same struggles or life events. People enjoy feeling connected on a personal level not just throwing out information.
4. My favorite post was my first post back from maternity leave and trying hard to figure all this out and how to balance. It was written straight from the heart and I even re-read it when I need a pick me up! My Personal Journey back to the Runner Within - This is a daily journey!