Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mindless Weightloss

How about a diet that you don’t know you’re on?  That sounds too good to be true.  Brian Wansink, of Mindless Eating and soon to be released, Skinny By Design has a research lab dedicated to environmental cues that lead to over eating.  This could explain why you always reach for the Hershey Kisses on your desk.  Their research shows that if you move it at least 6 feet away, you’ll be less inclined to munch.  Simple tricks like these can save Calories daily and result in gradual weight loss without deprivation.

Here are a few tips:
Personalize your diet danger zone. 
Do you eat without abandon every afternoon?  Do you find yourself eating out of boredom?  Can’t pass a candy dish?  Wansink discusses how everyone has a meal script.  To avoid mindless eating you need to figure out a plan to change the “script”, if you eat compulsively in the afternoons when not hungry take a walk instead, take a different route home bypassing the fast food restaurants.
There is no one perfect diet. 
 Each person needs to evaluate what their road blocks are and how to bypass or detour them.  

Watch less TV. 
People who watch a lot of television are known to exercise less, weigh more, and eat more than people who watch less TV. Wansink’s studies show that people watched 60 minutes of TV ate 28% more than those who watched 30 minutes of television.  Think of how much more you’d eat during a Netflix binge.

Cut down on portions or servings without knowing it. 
Serve yourself 20% less on a plate.  This can be a gradual calorie reduction of 100-
200 Calories per day that your body won’t notice; you’ll end up with a gradual
weight loss over a few months.

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