Monday, January 9, 2017

Nutrition Resolutions? Check Out These RD Blogs

2017 is still fresh with the usual resolutions regarding health and lifestyle.  Here are a few favorite blogs to check out that nourish the athlete, wellness junkie, or lover of great food photography.  These blogs are also promoting a non-diet approach with respect to mindful eating we can all appreciate.  Have any blogs you'd like to see featured? Email  

Lori is a Columbus, Ohio based RD (I found out about her blog via a postcard lying around my local Starbucks one Saturday morning) who's also an elite cyclist and marathon runner.  She beautifully illustrates produce in a lot of her work making it easier to add more colorful produce in the middle of winter.  

One of my favorite non-nutrition blogs is Cupcakes and Cashmere that focuses on food, entertaining, fashion, and makeup.  Recently, they've added a dietitian and that's where I started following Shira, who's based in California.  

Becca is a Montana based dietitian who beautifully illustrates how easy it is to eat better.  I found her blog when I discovered The Minimalists.

Kylie has a great blog that promotes positive body image and getting rid of diets to find what works for you.  She also has some amazing infographics on improving your relationship with food.  

Gina Volsko MS, RDN, LD is a Columbus based dietitian and health data analyst.  She's also the blog coordinator for SCAN, feel free to send her an email for more information on becoming a SCAN blogger,  Feel free to follow her antics on Instagram, @gina.koko.