Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Latest In SmartPhone Applications

Always on the go?  Want to be able to keep track of your calories?  If you have a smart phone, get an APP!!  Whether it’s an Android or an iPhone, you can track your calories and exercise simply by pressing a couple of buttons! Best part?  They’re FREE!!
I’m sure if you play around and look long enough, you can find tons of apps for calorie tracking.  My two favorite apps that I have come across are Myfitnesspal  and Lose it!  A great benefit to both applications is that you can connect with your friends and family to support and push each other!

This is my newest find and I am currently trying it out.

 The best thing that I enjoy about this app is how detailed the menu item selections are.  You are able to break up meals and enter breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and water.  There are also separate sections for you to track cardiovascular and strength training exercises.  I love the detailed nutritional facts for each item.  This is a great eye opener as it has a lot of items from restaurants so it can help you be more accurate with your calorie count and to evaluate what you are consuming.  The only downfall I have found with this app is that the search can be a little tedious sometimes and not as organized.

 Lose it!
This app is great for those just starting out with using their phone for things of this nature.  Lose it! Is much easier to conduct a food search and contains picture symbols for each food item.  It is very similar to Myfitnesspal  as it has the separate meal sections and a section for exercise.   Unlike Myfitnesspal, this app does not break up exercise into cardio and strength training nor does it have a separate section for water.


*Either way you can’t go wrong! Both applications allow for individual goal setting and to track your progress. They also let you know when you have exceeded your calories (and by how much)! Both are great FREE options that do not allow a busy lifestyle as an excuse to not stay on top of your health and calorie consumption!

This article was written by Carly Fancher, a SCAN Student contributor.